Just one 60 minute treatment can produce some amazing results. Check out our promotions for great deals and savings on our Cryolipolysis treatments Norfolk.

October 2020 promotion pricing Norfolk

LA Lipo makes Cryolipolysis easy and affordable. Please see the diagram below for the areas we treat and what’s part of the body are defined as one or two areas. Once you have decided what you want to treat see our prices lower down on the page.

Ends OCTOBER 31st – promotion

  • 1 Areas £220
  • 2 Areas £350
  • 3 Areas £460
  • 4 Areas £550
  • 5 Areas £625
  • 6 Areas £700
  • 7 Areas £775
  • 8 Areas £850
  • 9 Areas £925
  • 10 Areas £1,000

Save Up to 60% on single treatment pricing, with multi-area, multi-treatment bookings.

Example: 4 areas (arms, & under bum) – was £880 – Now £550

While for some a single treatment in an area is sufficient, for many a series of 2 or 3 treatments in the same area spaced six weeks apart will be required to obtain the desired results and has major cumulative benefits compared to single treatments. We offer a range of discounts for booking of multiple treatments along with additional discounts for multiple person treatments. For more details of available multi-treatment and multi-person discounts, please contact us.

Cancellations and last minute late deals

We occasionally have customer cancellations and have spaces in our treatment diaries to book in last minute appointments and we can offer discounts up to 50% depending on how many areas you want treating and whether its a clinic or home appointment.

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